Título Recent Research on EMF and Health Risks (Third annual report from SSI’s Independent Expert Group on Electromagnetic Fields 2005)
Resumo In this year’s report the IEG evaluates some recent data on ELF fields, but the major part of the report is about RF fields and in particular about recent epidemiological studies on disease risk in relation to mobile phone use. Intense research has been ongoing for several years and new results are presented regularly. Yet, the IEG is aware of a number of additional studies that will appear in the next couple of years, particularly from the Interphone study. Therefore it would still be premature to make final assessments, except in some restricted areas. The report also comments on some recent laboratory studies, including genotoxicity, e.g. studies within the REFLEX programme, and important attempts to replicate some earlier neurological findings that had been given considerable visibility. The WHO International EMF project has now been ongoing for ten years and we report on the conclusions from several workshops and environmental health criteria documents that have been produced by this programme.
Fonte Swedish Radiation Protection Authority (SSI)
Origem Suécia
Autor/Editor SSI’s Independent Expert Group on Electromagnetic Fields.
Disponibilidade Disponível online
Endereço https://www.stralsakerhetsmyndigheten.se/contentassets/
Referência SSI Rapport 2006:02
Data Março 2006
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