Título Recent Research on EMF and Health Risks (Fifth annual report from SSI’s Independent Expert Group on Electromagnetic Fields, 2007)
Resumo This year’s report covers a broad range of topics and the whole EMF spectrum. While previous reports have been focused on particular subjects the current report is broader and is divided by frequency with sections on static fields, extremely low frequency fields (ELF), intermediate fields, and radiofrequency fields (RF). The reason is the very fast technological development. As a result, EMF are used in an increasing number of applications and the exposure pattern is changing quickly. MR machines of increasing strength are being used in hospitals and give rise to different types of EMF exposure, including static fields. Intermediate frequency exposure is used more and more commonly for example in surveillance systems, cashier machines etc and add to the exposure to EMF. Mobile technology is also changing quickly and wifi, blue tooth etc are used with increasing frequency which also changes the exposure pattern of the population.
Fonte Swedish Radiation Protection Authority (SSI)
Origem Suécia
Autor/Editor SSI’s Independent Expert Group on Electromagnetic Fields.
Disponibilidade Disponível online
Endereço https://www.stralsakerhetsmyndigheten.se/contentassets/
Referência SSI Rapport 2008:12
Data Março 2008
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