Processos de Medida da Exposição à Radiação Proveniente de Antenas de Terminais Base

Título A Practical Guide to the Determination of Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Fields
Resumo NCRP Report No. 119 is intended to constitute a compendium of general knowledge useful to those health and safety professionals concerned with evaluating radiofrequency hazards. It provides a comprehensive collection of information on various radiofrequency radiation sources and a straightforward “how to” guide for estimating the exposures associated with these sources. Major sections of the Report treat the following subjects: • basic concepts, including definitions of terms and units • procedures for evaluation of exposures • instruments and measurement techniques • recommended areas for further research and technical or engineering development Appendices provide a quick reference source for use in assessing the relative significance of exposures from various radiofrequency sources, including a description of methods for performing practical measurements and computations. Explicit examples of exposure surveys for selected common sources are provided.
Fonte National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP)
Origem Estados Unidos da América
Autor/Editor NCRP
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Referência NCRP Report No. 119
Data Janeiro 1993
Título Guidelines for the Measurement of Radiofrequency Fields at Frequencies from 3 kHz to 300 GHz
Resumo This document outlines some principles and background information for the measurement of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. It also provides a number of recommended measurement procedures for the different types of telecommunication services. The techniques for both the near field and far field measurements are based on the instrumentation that is currently available. The recommended procedures are not considered to be appropriate for the measurement of electromagnetic fields in the reactive near field region.
Fonte Industry Canada
Origem Canadá
Autor/Editor Industry Canada
Disponibilidade Disponível online
Data Março 2015
Título IEEE Recommended Practice for Measurements and Computations of Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields With Respect to Human Exposure to Such Fields,100 kHz-300 GHz
Resumo Techniques and instrumentation for the measurement and computation of potentially hazardous electromagnetic (EM) fields both in the near field and the far field of the electromagnetic source are specified. The specifications previously set forth in IEEE Std C95.3-1991 are extended and combined. Leakage and near-field measurements and a description of the concepts, techniques, and instruments that can be applied to the measurement of specific absorption rate (SAR) or the electric field strength in organisms (including humans) and phantoms exposed to electromagnetic fields are included. Below 100 MHz, the current flowing through the body to ground is measurable and can be used to determine the SAR and, therefore, a brief treatment of lowfrequency body current measurement is included.
Fonte Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety (ICES)
Origem Estados Unidos da América
Autor/Editor IEEE – ICES
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Referência IEEE Std. C95.3-2002
Data Dezembro 2002
Título Measuring Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation (9 kHz – 300 GHz)
Resumo This Recommendation specifies in-situ measurement procedures in order to assess electromagnetic fields for the purpose of comparison against limits for human exposure applying in CEPT countries (e.g. EU 1999/519/EC,ICNIRP guidelines, national limits,…). It is important to note that this recommendation does not itself standardise or define exposure limits, or cover human exposure to radio signals.
Fonte Electronic Communications Committee – European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (ECC-CEPT)
Origem Internacional
Autor/Editor Frequency Management Working Group (FM WG)
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Referência ECC/REC/(02)04
Data Outubro 2003
Título monIT Project – A Procedure for Measurement of Electromagnetic Radiation in the Presence of Multiple Base Stations
Resumo This document describes the measurement procedure adopted by the monIT Project for monitoring electromagnetic radiation originated by multiple base stations from mobile communication systems. It specifies techniques for the measurement of electromagnetic fields in order to assess compliance with thresholds for human exposure. The overall procedure is based on the recommendation ECC/REC (02)04 from CEPT, which specifies a measurement method to assess electromagnetic radiation levels on the frequency band from 9 kHz to 300 GHz. A simple method for the selection of measurement points is also proposed. It was developed by the monIT Project team and consists in a several steps procedure, depending on the topology type of the surrounding antennas and on the number of transmitters. The proposed approach aims to be as practical as possible, allowing a systematic use of the method.
Fonte COST 281 ‘Workshop on RF Exposure assessment’ , Paris, France on September 20-21, 2004
Origem Portugal
Autor/Editor Luis M. Correia, Carlos Fernandes, Gonçalo Carpinteiro, Carla Oliveira
Disponibilidade Disponível online
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Referência MONIT_Ext_Tec_0147_03_COST281Paris
Data Setembro 2004
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