Título OET Bulletin 65, Supplement C – Evaluating Compliance with FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields, Additional Information for Evaluating Compliance of Mobile and Portable Devices with FCC Limits for Human Exposure
Resumo In August, 1996, the Commission adopted a Report and Order in ET Docket 93-62 amending its rules for evaluating the environmental effects of radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields. Specifically, the Commission adopted new guidelines and procedures for evaluating human exposure to RF emissions from FCC-regulated transmitters and facilities. As a part of this proceeding, new limits were adopted for human exposure to RF emissions from certain mobile and portable devices. Two subsequent FCC Orders were issued to refine and clarify the decisions adopted in the original Report and Order. A revised version of OET Bulletin 65, “Evaluating Compliance with FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields” was also issued. One of the areas discussed in Bulletin 65 is compliance with the limits adopted by the Commission for safe exposure to RF emissions due to mobile and portable devices such as non-fixed wireless transmitters and hand-held cellular telephones. The first edition of Supplement C (97-01) was released in 1997. The purpose of this revised supplement is to provide parties filing applications for equipment authorization with guidance on complying with the latest requirements using up-to-date test procedures. This supplement is not intended, however, to establish mandatory procedures, and other methods and procedures may be acceptable if based on sound engineering practice.
Fonte Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Origem Estados Unidos da América
Autor/Editor David L. Means, Kwok W. Chan
Disponibilidade Disponível online
Endereço https://transition.fcc.gov/Bureaus/
Referência OET Bulletin 65, Supplement C
Data Junho 2001
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