Título Levels of Radiofrequency Radiation from GSM Mobile Telephone Base Stations
Resumo This report presents field survey measurements data and provides information on the levels of radiofrequency (RF) radiation to which members of the public may be exposed from mobile telephone base stations. The measured RF electromagnetic energy (EME) levels are compared with the maximum permitted limit for non-occupational exposure with respect to the Radiocommunications (Electromagnetic Radiation Human Exposure) Standard 1999 which specifies a maximum non-occupational exposure limit of 2 W/m2 (equivalent to 200 μW/cm2) at relevant base station frequencies. Although the focus of the survey was on measuring the RF EME emission levels from the digital Global System for Mobile communication (GSM), the environmental RF EME measurement component of the project involved investigating the EME levels from other sources, including the analog Advance Mobile Phone Systems (AMPS), VHF TV, UHF TV, AM radio, FM radio and Paging. The results clearly demonstrate that the RF EME emissions from GSM base stations are several orders of magnitude below the maximum permitted limit. A worst case RF EME power flux density prediction, based on our measurements from GSM base stations, is 0.178 μW/cm2 (the 200 μW/cm2 limit of power flux density is at least 1,000 times this predicted value). However, the average RF exposure level from GSM base stations is considerably less, at 0.0016 μW/cm2 (the 200 μW/cm2 limit of power flux density is at least 100,000 times this average value). Measurements of the fixed site environmental RF EME power flux density levels indicate that, relative to the maximum exposure limit permitted in the standard, after adjusting the exposure limit with respect to the frequency of the signal, the highest environmental RF exposure was FM radio (0.0259 μW/cm2), with the 200 μW/cm2 limit of power flux density at least 7,000 times this value.
Fonte Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA)
Origem Austrália
Autor/Editor Line et al.
Disponibilidade Disponível online
Endereço https://web.archive.org.au/
Referência Technical Report 129
Data Janeiro 2000
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