Título Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation from GSM and UMTS Base Station Antennas
Resumo This paper discusses existing processes for measurement of GSM and UMTS signal strength on different scenarios, regarding base stations compliance evaluation with radiation exposure limits. Recommendations to minimise exposure from base station antennas radiation are also established. Propagation models are used and their importance to base stations security evaluation is analysed. A measurement campaign to collect real data from base stations in Lisbon area is described. A specific measurement protocol was developed. Radiation reference levels established by international bodies were never exceeded on the analysed base stations. The worst-case detected was 13.58 dB below security limits established by CENELEC and adopted by the European Union Council. Nevertheless, in general, the measured situations were at least 22.4 dB below the limits. Scenarios where the difference between measurements and limits is lower are exposure on buildings rooftops with base stations and indoor installations.
Fonte Proc. of COST 281 Workshop on Mobile Phone Base Stations and Health (Dublin, Ireland)
Origem Portugal
Autor/Editor Carla Oliveira, Gonçalo Carpinteiro, Luis M. Correia
Disponibilidade Consultar o website www.cost281.org
Endereço cost281.org
Data Maio 2003
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