Título Evaluation techniques and working procedures for compliance with exposure limits of network operator personnel to power-frequency electromagnetic fields
Resumo Recommendation ITU-T K.90 provides evaluation techniques and guidelines for compliance with safety limits for human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of telecommunication network personnel (e.g., outside plant craft) at power frequencies (DC, 50 Hz and 60 Hz). This Recommendation does not set safety limits; it seeks to provide techniques and procedures for determining the need for any precautions at the work site. This Recommendation includes an electronic attachment containing the EMFACDC program.
Fonte ITU-T
Origem Internacional
Autor/Editor ITU-T Study Group 5
Disponibilidade Disponível online
Endereço https://www.itu.int/rec/T-REC-K.90-201807-I
Referência T-REC-K.90-201807-I
Data Julho 2018
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