The FAQtos Contest

The FAQtos Contest is a national competition for all secondary school pupils, from all areas and courses, regardless of the nature of the school (public or private).  The main objective of the FAQtos Contest is to promote the formation of a collective conscience in the area of field of electromagnetic fields from telecommunications sources (radiofrequencies band), and impact on society, as well as potential health and environmental effects.

Pupils should freely address a topic related to radiofrequencies, creating a project throughout the school year.  The project format is free, being entirely at the pupils’ discretion, examples being a prototype, an experimental essay, a documentary, a magazine, a video or a website.  All projects are necessarily accompanied by a Final Report and a Video.

All submitted projects are evaluated by a Selection Committee, leading to the 10 finalist projects.  These finalist projects will then present their work in a dedicated session to the Award Committee.