FAQtos is the follow up of the monIT Project, which ran on Instituto de Telecomunicações from 2002 until 2012.

The project had several phased, where the focus changed from measurements in public outdoor locations, to indoor ones (like shopping centres and football stadiums, and in the so called sensitive locations, such as schools and hospitals). The final phases of the project were dedicated to public information actions, and to a contest targeting secondary schools students (10 to 12th grades), called Prémio monIT.

FAQtos in the new initiative, following the work from monIT Project, and maintaining the same team and focus of the former.


FAQtos is sponsored by the three Portuguese mobile operators: Vodafone Portugal, Portugal Telecom and NOS.Nonetheless, it is established in the contract, that these companies cannot interfere with the results or with the contents of the website.

The researchers working in the project are responsible for all the info presented in this website. These researchers are guided by independence and accuracy as all research done in INOV – INESC Inovação.

Exclusion of responsability

Although the FAQtos team dedicates itself to always improve the contents of this website, we cannot accept any liability caused by the usage of the info presented here.