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Sistemas de Comunicações Móveis

Coletânea de acetatos da cadeira de “Sistemas de Comunicações Móveis” do 5º ano do Mestrado em Engenharia Eletrotécnica e de Computadores.

Sistemas de Comunicações Móveis2020-02-10T10:38:21+00:00

The GSM System for Mobile Communications

The digital standard known as the Global System for Mobile (GSM) has captured a large share of the global cellular market. This book aims to bridge the gap between a reader’s basic knowledge of telecommunications and the complexities of the 5000-page GSM technical specification

The GSM System for Mobile Communications2020-02-10T10:38:21+00:00

WCDMA for UMTS: HSPA Evolution and LTE, 5th Edition

Written by the leading experts in the field, the best selling book on UMTS is now updated to cover 3GPP High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) evolution (HSPA+) in Release 7 and on-going Long Term Evolution (LTE) activity for Release 8

WCDMA for UMTS: HSPA Evolution and LTE, 5th Edition2020-02-10T10:38:21+00:00
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