Título Basic standard for the evaluation of workers’ exposure to electric and magnetic fields from equipment and installations for the production, transmission and distribution of electricity
Resumo This European Standard provides a general procedure to assess workers’ exposure to electric and magnetic fields (EMF) in work places associated with the production, transmission and distribution of electric energy, and to demonstrate compliance with exposure limit values and action levels as stated in the Council and European Parliament “EMF” Directive 2013/35/EU [12]. It has the role of a specific workplace standard. It takes into account the non-binding application guide for implementing the EMF Directive [11] and it defines the assessment procedures and compliance criteria applicable to the electric industry. The frequency range of this standard covers from DC to 20 kHz, which is sufficient to include the power frequency used for electric power supply systems throughout Europe (50 Hz) and the various harmonics and inter-harmonics occurring in the supply system. In this extremely low frequency range, electric and magnetic fields are independent and, therefore, they both have to be addressed in the exposure assessment.
Origem Internacional
Autor/Editor TC 106X – Electromagnetic fields in the human environment
Disponibilidade Disponível online
Endereço https://standards.cencenelec.eu/dyn/www/f?p=CENELEC:110:::::FSP_PROJECT,FSP_ORG_ID:59052,1258483&cs=1A0E99C98FAB77D010D7448A4DA1B6FCB
Referência NP EN 50647:2017
Data Janeiro 2017
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