Título Assessment of electronic and electrical equipment related to human exposure restrictions for electromagnetic fields (0 Hz – 300 GHz)
Resumo This document applies to electronic and electrical equipment for which no dedicated product standard or product family standard regarding human exposure to electromagnetic fields applies. It covers equipment with intentional or non-intentional radiators as well as a combination thereof. This document provides assessment methods and criteria to evaluate equipment against limits on exposure of people related to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. The frequency range covered is from 0 Hz to 300 GHz. This document does not specify limits expressed by means of basic restrictions and/or reference levels. Such limits are subject to the applied assessment scheme, for example by means of regional limits.
Origem Internacional
Autor/Editor TC 106X – Electromagnetic fields in the human environment
Disponibilidade Disponível online
Endereço https://standards.cencenelec.eu/dyn/www/f?p=CENELEC:110:::::FSP_PROJECT,FSP_ORG_ID:50031,1258483&cs=19720C3E3F7827C5CB058B7B9F0DADBE1
Referência EN 62311:2008
Data 2008
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